V Dog Lifting Mask
Get the perfect V jawline without going under the knife.  All it takes is 40 minutes a day, 3 times a week.  Each resealable packet contains 3 lifting masks. It seems gimmicky, but our Palette® Test Team LOVE it.  See...
Pickle My Face Hydrogel Cucumber Mask
Hydrogel cucumber mask is composed of natural vegetable polymers which provide excellent skin adhesion. As a response to the body's temperature of 36.5 C, the active moisturizing ingredients work inside out. Mask will deliver excellent skin coverage and the active...
Fizz Bizz Deep Pore Cleanse Bubble Mask
Feel the fizz!  Detoxify and exfoliate with this bubbling sheet mask.  Contains charcoal powder, willow bark extract, bambusa vulgaris sap extract and apple juice extract.  Deeply cleanse away impurities and revitalize your skin.  For all skin types. How to use: ...
Tranex 11 Plus Mask
Glow the day away with this sheet mask which contains 11 brightening ingredients.  Contains tranexamic acid a medicinal ingredient that doctors use to treat freckles for a clear complexion. How to use:  After cleansing your face, tone skin.  Apply the mask...
Snail Active Essence Mask
Don't hate it unless you haven't tried it!  High quality mask with surprising vitality of snail mucus helps skin regeneration and prevents skin aging.  Provides rich nutrients and gives your skin new life. For all skin types How to use: ...
Calming Tea Tree Essence Mask
Tea tree is known to have great benefits for your skin, soothing and balancing and acne treatment. Great for skin appearance and vitality. Daily use of sheet masks will yield best results in your skin's appearance.   How to use:...
Rejuvenating Blackberry Essence Mask
Improve collagen production and hydrate your skin with this blackberry infused mask. Contains a slight scent of fresh blackberries, so you can relax in comfort. Daily use of sheet masks will yield best results in your skin's appearance.   How...
Nourishing Ginseng Essence Mask
Ginseng infused, this sheet mask is great for moisture balance and skin restoration. Daily use of sheet masks will yield best results in your skin's appearance.   How to use: Thoroughly cleanse and dry face. Take out and unfold the...
Under Eye Patch
Bring the spa home with these under eye patches. These hydrogel patches give your eyes the much needed hydration it needs to treat wrinkles and under eye bags. Rose essence infused to soothe your stress away. How to use: Place...
Brightening Facial Sheet Mask
Brighten and even your skin tone with natural botanicals & vitamin c. 20 minutes of this mask is all you need to have balanced and smoother skin. Comes with 5 mask sheets! Made in Korea  
Premium Gold Hydrogel Mask (3 Sheets)
Reverse the signs of aging with this luxurious mask enriched with revitalizing gold, collagen, green tea and soothing botanicals. Made with high quality hydrogel. Live the lavish life with hydrated skin! Contains 3 (three) Sheet Masks  
Hydrating Cooling Eye Pads
Revitalize. Refresh. Soothe. These cooling eye pads provide instant relief to tired, puffy eyes. Look and feel awake as these specially formulated pre-moistened pads that are infused with botanicals and vitamins, restore moisture and suppleness to the eye area.  
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