Suavecita Argan Silkening Serum
Treat yourself and your hair to better experience. Give your locks a healthy boost with our Silkening Serum. Like a miracle for the hair, argan oil is a superior source of Vitamin E, fatty acids, and antioxidants which are super...
Grooming Spray
Do you have trouble making your curls last? Use theĀ SuavecitaĀ GroomingĀ SprayĀ as your newest setting lotion! This convenient 8oz. pumpĀ sprayĀ can be used to dampen your hair before pin-curling or using rollers. It has the original fragrance as Suavecita Pomade that reminds you...
Suavecita Pomade
This is a product that isĀ water solubleĀ and washes out with ease leaving the hair feeling and lookingĀ healthy. With itā€™s fine tuned formula it does not dry out your hair or flake unlike an alcohol based gel. We specially designed the...
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