Last modified: Nov 2020

Approximate delivery times

Priority Mail

Processing: 2-3 days + Shipment: 2-3 days = Up to 6 days for delivery*

Standard shipping & Free standard shipping

Processing: 2-3 days + Shipment: 2-5 days = Up to 8 days for


The aforementioned "days" do not include weekends and holidays

*USPS shipping times are only an estimate from the time of processing at the USPS facility and is not a guaranteed delivery time. 


The following are the steps that each order goes through

Step 1:  Processing (time it takes us to prepare your order)

The moment your order is placed, your order goes into Processing.

Please allow 2-3 business days for Processing to complete -- this does not include weekends or holidays.

What happens during Processing?

We verify that your payment is secured.  Once your payment is verified, our packing team diligently works on each order to ensure accuracy and that you receive your products damage-free.

Step 2:  Shipment (time it takes the Post Office to deliver your order)

After processing, your order is then picked up by the Post Office at our packing facility.

You will be sent a shipping confirmation e-mail that will contain your tracking number.  All packages can be tracked through the USPS link or the Arrive app.  Sit back and wait for your package!

If you have questions or concerns, contact customer service at:

If your tracking has been confirmed as 'Delivered', no refunds or replacements will be given.  We are not responsible for any errors in delivery due to an inaccurate shipping address provided at checkout.  NO exceptions.

Please be aware that Palette® is not responsible for shipping delays caused by inclement weather, natural disasters and/or actions from the USPS.

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