Rainbow Lite Glitter palette
We don't see the glitter craze slowing down, don't think it ever will.  Add a little sparkle to your shadow or wherever you please.  We love the variety of glitters to create multiple looks.  Approved by our test team.
The Cosmo Cocktail Party Eyeshadow Palette
A beautiful curation of 9 eyeshadow shades inspired by amazing nights with friends, sipping on drinks! Create a range of looks from subtle and sultry to dramatic and sexy. Cheers to beauty! Ingredients:  Talc Mica, Synehetic Flourphlogopite, Magnesium Stearate, Caprylic/ capric triglyceride,...
Golden Gatsby Glam Eyeshadow Palette
10 High Impact shadows ranging from Ultra Matte to Festive Foils.  Party it up and Live it up with the Gatsby line. The ultimate Ultra Foil Eyeshadow Palette and Eye Topper set. 10 High Impact shadows ranging from  Ultra Matte to...
La Chica Enamorada Eyeshadow Palette
Introducing the "Juegos Latino” inspired collection. We are in love with this palette and the pinks!  Create lovely, girly looks with this one.  Designed by Latinos for Latinos. Connecting beauty and culture all in one.
La Dama De Flores Eyeshadow Palette
Introducing the"Juegos Latino” inspired collection.  Designed by Latinos for Latinos.  Connecting beauty and culture all in one.  Live in color with this palette!
La Reina Azteca Eyeshadow Palette
Introducing the "Juegos Latino” inspired collection.  Get outstanding, beautiful colors to create earthy looks.  Designed by Latinos for Latinos. Connecting beauty and culture all in one.  
City of Pastel Lights Eyeshadow Palette
Exhausted by a town of boring and lifeless makeup, Riley and Rey RUDE venture out to the City of Pastel Brights to end their bad luck streak! Watch this color-filled, 12 episode miniseries for the most iconic self-discovery adventure to...
Lucent Cream Shadow [18 Colors]
  • + 14
Lucent Cream Shadow [18 Colors]
MOIRA Lucent Shadow delivers bendable, soft cream-gel formula with silky-rich pigment. Our cream shadows glide on evenly using a brush or for an incandescent finish use your fingertips. Layer in infinite to create soft, subtle to bold and smoky eye...
  • + 14
Cryptic Nude Shadows Eyeshadow Palette
Versatile and wearable day or night.  Showcases 18 highly pigmented shades, ranging from just-blushed cream to ruby glitter, via iridescent copper-pink. There are 10 buttery mattes, 4 reflective duo-chromes, 2 glitter formulas and 1 pressed pearl and last but not...
Wanderlust Dream Palette
Sightsee the world with MOIRA Wanderlust Eyeshadow Palette. Eighteen high pigmented shadows that compliment any skin tone or look. This palette features sophisticated classic shimmers and vivid matte shades for experimental to every day looks. Create unforgettable looks and be...
Dreamscape Dream Palette
Expand your imagination with MOIRA Dreamscape Dream Palettes. Eighteen pigmented shadows that complement any skin tone or look. This palette features must try bright neon for daring bold eye looks. Create out of this world looks and take your creativity...
C'est La Vie Eyeshadow Palette
Designed with you in mind, C'est La Vie is a combination of thirty warm and bright colors rich in hue and gentle to the touch. Create lovely looks with this sweet palette. Go as far as your creativity takes you. Get ready to razzle and dazzle!  
Merfantasia Eyeshadow Palette [Book 8]
This mermaid inspired eyeshadow palette is filled with 35 pigmented, well thought out combination of flashy and bold shades that leaves your look up to the imagination. Easy to blend and rich in pigment, every eyeshadow will create the most timeless and modern...
Whatever Forever Eyeshadow Palette
A beautiful collection of 18 bright and bold eyeshadows that help create unforgettable looks! Perfect for a major retro look that will have you vibing all day long. Cruelty Free     NET WT: 0.634 oz / 18 g Ingredients:...
United Shades of Glitter Eye Palette
Revolutionize the way you apply glitter. Say goodbye to the mess and hello to an extravagant application. With twenty-one colors to choose from, your looks will never be the same.  Wear it alone or to add sparkling accents. Be sure...
Too Much Drama Eyeshadow Palette
Too much is never enough!  A magnificent combination of highly saturated and easy to blend mattes, chromes, and metallics, to perfectly fill your needs from day to night.  Cruelty Free     Net Wt.: 0.634 oz / 18 g Ingredients: Mica,...
You, I Desire Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette
Take charge of your own Destiny with our Destiny Series Eyeshadow Palettes. You, I Desire Eyeshadow and Face Palette feature twenty whimsical shades, three highlighters, and one blush letting you make a statement for any occasion. Cruelty Free | Vegan Formulated...
Tropical Vibes Vol. 2 Eyeshadow Palette
Pack your bags for the tropics! Six shades that bring the warmth. A mixture of buttery mattes and pigmented shimmers that take you to the sunny tropics. Brush included. Cruelty free
Tropical Vibes Vol. 1 Eyeshadow Palette
Pack your bags for the tropics! Six shades that bring the warmth. A mixture of buttery mattes and pigmented shimmers that take you to the sunny tropics. Brush included! Cruelty free
Take Me Home: 32 Color Palette
32 colors of pressed greatness. This parade of show-stopping super bright and vibrant shadows. Features passionate pinks and purples, bodacious blues and greens, and exotic orange. The super-saturated shades can be layered, blended, worn alone and transformed to your liking.  
Heat Fire: 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette
Bring the heat with this 12 shade eyeshadow. 7 matte shades, 5 shimmer shades and shadow applicator - create hot looks and get ready for the instagram likes.  
The Desire Fifteen: An Eyeshadow Palette [ES33]
Give into your desire for pigmented goodness! Enjoy 15 shades of super creamy colors that won't cake. Give into color temptation and add this to your collection!  
Oval Shadow Brush SS011
The Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush is a medium, semi-dense eyeshadow brush designed for depositing product onto the lid as well as blending out shadows in the crease and along the lid. The soft, synthetic bristles are suitable for liquid, powder,...
Pro Blending Crease Brush C441
The Pro Blending Crease Brush is the perfect tool for blending out shadow in the crease area of the lid. The soft goat bristles easily pick up powder product, dispersing it evenly along the lid, resulting in a full coverage...
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