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Liquid Monomer by Mia Secret
LIQUID MONOMER is an advanced blended EMA monomer with a non-yellowing formula, which provides outstanding flexibility, adhesion and absorption when combined with MIA SECRET ACRYLIC POWDERS.  It also prevents discoloration.  Available in violet only.
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Xtrabond Primer for Acrylic and Gel Nails
XTRABOND is a no-burn, acid-free primer the provides better adhesion and duration for nail polish, acrylic and gel system.  XTRABOND does NOT burn natural nails or cuticles. Available in two sizes.
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UV Finish Gel Ultra Shine by Mia Secret
UV Finish Gel is a clear thin viscosity gel with an ultra-shine finish that has no sticky residues after UV or LED lamp cures.  It is used for any artificial enhancement:  gels, acrylics or wraps.  Artificial nail use only. 1/2...
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Luxury UV Base & Top Gel by Mia Secret
Luxury UV Base & Top Gel is perfect to seal natural and acrylic nails. 1/2 oz Made in USA
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Nail Prep by Mia Secret
Nail Prep dehydrates natural nails and removes natural oils, increasing adhesion and duration for nail polishes, acrylic and gel systems.  Apply before Xtrabond (primer), found here. 1/2 oz Made in USA
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Ice Gel Acrylic Top Coat - No UV Lamp
Ice Gel is a top coat for acrylic systems and natural nails.  Its formula has an excellent shine and prevents color straining from nail polishes.  It dries in approximately 2 minutes, No UV or LED lamp needed. 1/2 oz Made...
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Glass Finish UV - LED Gel
Glass Finish is a soak-off clear UV-LED Gel which can be used over natural nails or any enhancements.  It won't leave any sticky residues after curing, therefore there is no need to clean it afterwards. 1/2 oz Made in USA...
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Acrylic and Gel (Builder Gel)
A combination of acrylic and gel to be used a builder gel.  Smooth out where acrylic and natural nail meets.  For best results, after applying a layer cure with UV or LED lamp for 2 minutes.  Can repeat at your desire....
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